A meeting

I had a meeting with an editor and a writer, in Kichijoji, Tokyo.
The editor, Kikue, who is the same age as me.
The writer, Areno, who is a little older than us, is going to make a picture book with us.
Areno is a writer of novels, and a translator of foreign picture books into Japanese, too. She wrote the text of "Mizutama no chihuahua (After polka dot chihuahua)" , which was my first professional picture book and it had been published 7 years ago. Her original picture books hadn't been published since then, although she's been interested in.
3 years ago she gave me some stories for picture books and I promised to find someone who want to edit it and publish it. Fortunately, Kikue, who is a freelance editor of children's books, offered editing my new picture book, while she and I was working together on stories for a magazine. She liked one of Areno's stories, and she wondered how come it hadn't been published for such a long time.
At the meeting, I was a little nervous because I hadn't seen Areno since she gave me the text. She is now one of the most popular writers of young generation. She looked happy and relax. Kikue leaded our subjects well, and we discussed about the schedule.
I got an energy by talking to the positive, interesting people, and now I am sure that the book will be a good one.

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