David Almond visited Japan

On April 5th, I joined David Almond's talk event. It was organized by SCBWI in Tokyo.
I hadn't read his novels and I couldn't find the books in a bookstore in Tokyo by myself.
The attendant, whom I asked about his books, lead me to the special corner.
The sign there said "Hayao Miyazaki's recommend"
I bought "Kit's Wilderness" there and read it just before the event.
(I always do this. I'm sure I should read more often)

At the event David Almond introduced his works reading out beautifully.
He seems to write his stories with great care, about the characters and detail, to make readers believe in his fictional world.
He said "All these stories are lies, so you must be a good lier."
About each books he gave us brief explanations of ideas.
He also told us his own story: how he became a professional writer.
Working as a part time teacher he wrote a lot of stories for years and years.
That taught me to continue writing (making works) constantly, will allow you catch some great ideas in your mind,
and that might bring you up to the next stage as an artist.