Korean picture books

I watched a TV program about the success of Korean cultural policy. It said that Korean government encouraged their "contents" industries such as movie, music, game, and animation. The policy worked successfully, and they (Korean creators) have created a lot of attractive works which are popular not only in Japan, but also most Asian countries.

When I visited an exhibition of Korean picture books in 2000 (The title was "The Wold Of Original Illustrations for Children's Picture Books from Korea" ), I was attracted by the beautiful illustrations.
Since I was wondering what is my originality as a Japanese illustrator, the exhibited illustrations gave me many hints to think.
I really liked Korean traditional techniques. I was surprised that some of the illustrators were as young as me. They were good, just like well trained, experienced painters.
After the exhibition held, some of the Korean picture books published in Japan. I bought them of course! I wish more Korean picture books had been published in Japan. Maybe I would find by myself in Korea some day.
Any way, I myself got an energy by Korean culture, and got a confidence to be an Asian illustrator. ( By the way, my most favorite restaurant in my neighborhood is a Korean place. Whenever I want energy, I eat hot Korean food.)

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