Personal Exhibition in Tokyo

Little Ida's Flowers
2009. 11. 9(Mon) ~ 11.21(Sat)


104-0061 Tyuoku Ginza1-23-4 Meimatsu Bldg.303
Tel.03-3564-6363 Fax.03-3564-6366
2minutes from Shintomicho(Y20) station.

I live in Kanagawa, near Tokyo but it takes 80 minutes by trains.
Onece a year, I have my personal exhibition in Tokyo, Ginza. My first solo exhibition was there about 12 years ago.
In 2005 I started making etchings in theme of sroties by Hans Andersen, and this year I have 4th exhibition of that theme. I am interested in Japanese culture as well as western (european) culture, but for me, I feel western culture nearer, because I don't know about China and Korea very well, and Japanese culture is similer to them. I think I should learn about China and Korea better, to get my cultural identity.

When I was a child there were many books and visuals that were westernized. I like usage of the color of English illustrators, I loved to see photos of Germany that my fathar took when he traveled. That made me learn oil painting and etching in my art school. When I grown up I started wondering if illustrations made in Japan were really "westernized" and I found that japanese artists are not good at making westernized things, because people have different backgrounds.
Anyway I wanted to try to draw something international, and "Europe" was one of my roots, althogh there in Europe also are different cultures.

I enjoyed traveling to Denmark in 2005. I mainly stayed in the National Museum to learn about history and culture, and I walked in some parks where I found some maronie trees. Then I came back in Japan and saw some maronie trees, too.
I think Japanese people enjoy stories by Andersen, because he lived with rich people, and he had to live just like a clown in the court in a way.
I think many Japanese people always feel like that, in the international community!


John Shelley's Event

Although I was hoping to start writing this blog again, I didn't write for a very long time. Thanks to John Shelley, my friend in Tokyo who's from the U.K., I found he made a link from his blog, and finally I made an entry.
He is having a beautiful show in Tokyo at my favorite place "Pinpoint Gallery" till 7th.
He also will give a instruction "How to make a good portfolio" for SCBWI TOKYO. Anyone can attend without reservations, except one-to-one critiques.
Please come to the event!


Power Portfolios with Illustrator John Shelley
Learn the secrets of building a better portfolio and showing it effectively

Time: Sunday, February 8, 2009
Lecture 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

One-on-One Portfolio Critiques 3:10 – 4:50 p.m.

Place: Tokyo Women’s Plaza, Audiovisual Room
5-53-67 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(by the Children’s Castle and United Nations University).
For a map see www.scbwi.jp/map.htm

Fee: Lecture: SCBWI members 1,000 yen; nonmembers 1,500 yen
One-on-one Portfolio Critiques: SCBWI members, nonmembers 3,500 yen

Reservations: Reservations for critiques required by January 25, 2009;
slots are limited. For details on payment and to reserve a
critique contact info@scbwi.jp

The lecture will be in English. One-on-one portfolio critiques can be in English or Japanese.

Attention Illustrators!! The private one-on-one critiques with John Shelley are 15 minutes in length and must be reserved and paid for in advance. Slots are limited and will be scheduled on a first-come, first served basis.

John Shelley will offer his expertise and experience to help you strengthen your illustration portfolio and tighten your presentation skills, including focusing on your best work, the ins and outs of compiling a professional portfolio, and tips on presentation to editors and art directors. Following the lecture, Shelley will conduct one-on-one portfolio critiques.


Busy but lasy

Every time before my work's dead line, I usually can concentrate to my work well, but these days I am having trouble to do so. Since this year I decided to finish 2 times of works than usual, I feel being hasty, and I hoped that whould help me to work harder, as a good pressure for me, but it doesn't work.

These few days I did only house keeping. When I washed my hand-washable cloths, suddenly I came up that I love these cloths and I hadn't have cared myself much. So I stopped being hasty and started to clean my studio. As the room become clean and cosy, I felt very happy and I could start working on my project.

I thought to have oneself be hard-working and diligent is not easy! I once saw a book title "How to manage yourself". Maybe I should read the book.

My dead line for a picture book for young children will be after 1~2 weeks. I hope I can focus on my work better than now in a few days.