Started writing

I read some part of "Growing Pains" by Wanda Gag.
It reminded me that I had been thinking about making that kind of records of my work.


I am making pictures for a picture book, "OIKAKETE"(Going after ...).Text by Hatsue Nakawaki.
Yesterday I sterted to "etch" the copper plates with new ached, using the technique, called "soft-ground etching".
Which I paint sticky ground thin on the plate, and put a thin paper on it and draw on the paper.
Then you put the plate in the ached.Then... you can get the line of a pencil etched on the plate!
Today I made three test prints.
I don't have the time to know some data such as how long should I put the plates in the ached, with a test plate.
So I tried to check how it goes, making pictures which are going to be dark.
It worked anyway.

I read "Kouchan" written by Atsuko Suga, illustrated by Komako Sakai.
I love Komako's pictures , and they are getting better and better.
The story was good, too. I am going to write to Komako later, but what would I write?

No phone call. I love Sundays.