Interview by children

While my personal exhibition was held in Ginza,
my English teacher and two of her kids students came and interviewed me.
The children were sisters about 9 to 11 years old.
Christine, the teacher, had them bring some questions.
It was kind of a workshop for the children, and also for me.

The sisters were intelligent and cute,
but they seemed to be a little shy, maybe because they feel it is embarrassing to study in front of other person.
They speak english much better than other children of their age.
Sometimes, even adults would be nervous when they use English among Japanese people, in the fear of envy.
I assume it is because Japanese educational policy has been put importance especially on results.

The sisters' questions were good. They asked,"What kind of artist are you?" "Which character do you like the best in your books? " "Why did you become an illustrator?" "Which children's books do you like, other than your books?" and so on.
Both children written down all of my answers, on the other hand they asked questions alternately.
The girls seemed to be enjoying to see my pictures, which were about some stories by H.C.Andersen.
They said,"this girl is you, and this is me" , Pointing out the people in my illustrations.
Christine said that the children will make a report or column about me!
I am looking forward to read their report.