Makino Yonekich's Exhibition

Today, I went to see an exhibition of illustrations of animals and creatures.
I was to meet Akiko , the editor of Kin no Hoshi sha, at the entrance.
I arrived there on time. While I was waiting for her, I walked around the Gallery.
There also was another exhibition of prints.
The illustrations made by Yonekichi Makino were really good, great.
Though each picture was small, as large as 10 by 10, the animals looked real and lively.
His biography cheered me up, that he found the style and theme of his illustration in his 30s.
I , know , feel hasty and nervous about my work... that I haven't found my best style of making pictures.
After that, I walked in the ISETAN department store, by myself. I checked Margaret's shop and found a simple pierced earring. They said it costs about 7000 yen.
Then I took Metro to Ochanomizu, the town you can find books , musical instruments, and good tools and materials for printmaking.
I went to Sanseido book store first, to buy a text book of French. I found one for beginners.
Then I went to Bunpodo , which is the best material shop for me.
I bought some paper and copper plates for the workshop that I will be the teacher, at Pinpoint Gallery , at the end of this month.
I was really tired when I ended my shopping.