New Book Published!

My new picture book has published in March.
"The creatures in My Garden" Text by Tamami Sawaguchi.
Fukuinkan shoten is a good publisher that have many experienced editors.
They say the employee of the company can speak at least 3 languages.
I recommend Fukuinkan if you make a chance to get into our field!

Recently I became one of the volunteer members of SCBWI Tokyo section.
I have been interested in cultural exchanges since I was a child,
so this activity is one of my dreams coming true.
Though I am not good at listening English.

I also have studied French for 3 years by myself, but oh, no...
It's very difficult.This is kind of my hobby, learning languages.
I know in Japan, no one would respect me by that effort, especially as an artist.
Excuse me, but I can't stick only to drawing!