Personal Exhibition in Tokyo

Little Ida's Flowers
2009. 11. 9(Mon) ~ 11.21(Sat)


104-0061 Tyuoku Ginza1-23-4 Meimatsu Bldg.303
Tel.03-3564-6363 Fax.03-3564-6366
2minutes from Shintomicho(Y20) station.

I live in Kanagawa, near Tokyo but it takes 80 minutes by trains.
Onece a year, I have my personal exhibition in Tokyo, Ginza. My first solo exhibition was there about 12 years ago.
In 2005 I started making etchings in theme of sroties by Hans Andersen, and this year I have 4th exhibition of that theme. I am interested in Japanese culture as well as western (european) culture, but for me, I feel western culture nearer, because I don't know about China and Korea very well, and Japanese culture is similer to them. I think I should learn about China and Korea better, to get my cultural identity.

When I was a child there were many books and visuals that were westernized. I like usage of the color of English illustrators, I loved to see photos of Germany that my fathar took when he traveled. That made me learn oil painting and etching in my art school. When I grown up I started wondering if illustrations made in Japan were really "westernized" and I found that japanese artists are not good at making westernized things, because people have different backgrounds.
Anyway I wanted to try to draw something international, and "Europe" was one of my roots, althogh there in Europe also are different cultures.

I enjoyed traveling to Denmark in 2005. I mainly stayed in the National Museum to learn about history and culture, and I walked in some parks where I found some maronie trees. Then I came back in Japan and saw some maronie trees, too.
I think Japanese people enjoy stories by Andersen, because he lived with rich people, and he had to live just like a clown in the court in a way.
I think many Japanese people always feel like that, in the international community!


John said…
I love this image Kiyo.

It seems to encapsulate the feeling of Andersen's stories perfectly. Etchings have a quality of line and atmosphere all to themselves.

I keep promising myself that one of these days I'll get back into etching, when the opportunity arrives!

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