Busy but lasy

Every time before my work's dead line, I usually can concentrate to my work well, but these days I am having trouble to do so. Since this year I decided to finish 2 times of works than usual, I feel being hasty, and I hoped that whould help me to work harder, as a good pressure for me, but it doesn't work.

These few days I did only house keeping. When I washed my hand-washable cloths, suddenly I came up that I love these cloths and I hadn't have cared myself much. So I stopped being hasty and started to clean my studio. As the room become clean and cosy, I felt very happy and I could start working on my project.

I thought to have oneself be hard-working and diligent is not easy! I once saw a book title "How to manage yourself". Maybe I should read the book.

My dead line for a picture book for young children will be after 1~2 weeks. I hope I can focus on my work better than now in a few days.


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